An ideal home for living, working & changing the world.

Social networks, the Internet of Things (IoT) and massive data flows enable unprecedented services and social possibilities within the $trillion global market for urban renewal. UVN incubates smart city ventures that pioneer original solutions to revitalize and reinvent infrastructure, government, society, communities and citizen potential.

The UVN incubator partners with Urban Opus, a nonprofit accelerator that employs the entire city as a living lab for smart city innovations.  With a focus on human-centred solutions, Urban Opus accesses Vancouver’s vibrantly cosmopolitan population for test audiences.  Urban Opus provides advanced technology platforms along with a cluster of relationships with urban stakeholders, community groups, and government agencies who act as lead customers.

UVN is expert at leveraging city, academic, government, corporate, community and international interests to accelerate venture success. UVN positions Vancouver simultaneously as an ideal new home city for high-potential immigrant-entrepreneurs, as a versatile city-scaled testbed for innovative urban solutions, and as a strategic launchpad from which to market such solutions to cities globally.

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Vancouver, perhaps the most livable city in the world, is also a perfect launchpad for smart city ventures.

Vancouver has cultivated world-class digital talent spanning the film, television, games, mobile, and broader creative industries.  Combine this with leading universities, a business-friendly tax system, and generous programs to support innovation, and the entire city becomes a fertile environment for new ventures.