The UVN immigration process begins with validation of your qualifications and definition of your venture.  Then UVN engages our incubation services while your immigration is fast-tracked in parallel, whether this is for Work Permits or Permanent Residency.

UVN services include elite training for language proficiency, social orientation and business integration.  UVN looks for your business experience, international networks, and startup talent, along with your determination and resources to launch a new technology-based, cities-focused company. 

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Canada creates an international welcome 

while UVN accelerates your venture. 

Canada welcomes seasoned global entrepreneurs

Canada has many programs and support systems designed to help proven entrepreneurs create new globally-competitive companies here, with the primary attraction being that Canada is an unsurpassed place for you to live, raise a family, and grow a company in terms of economy, culture, society, lifestyles, health, education, talent, R&D capacity, and business-friendly taxes.

Your new UVN startup can be a spin-off of an existing company, an original cities venture of your own design, or a startup activated for you from UVN’s portfolio of seed opportunities.