Less obviously, compatible data architectures, hubs, analytics, etc., create opportunities for world-scaled metrics, standards, and operational efficiencies to dramatically extend local impacts.  And entirely independent data streams can be blended in creative ways to generate original value, like a form of digital alchemy. UVN’s ultimate vision is cities whose myriad functions interoperate seamlessly, simulating the intelligence of the human brain.

UVN therefore offers two paths for strategic investors:

Venture Track
Investors are invited to take a primary or part ownership in specific smart city ventures, with new ventures being triggered when an investment pool reaches an activation level.  Venture Track investors are encouraged to take governance and leadership roles in the success of their venture.
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Portfolio Track
More senior investors are invited to participate in the success of the UVN venture portfolio.  This includes global marketing and the commercialization of an integrated platform of smart city solutions.

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For both tracks UVN actively seeks ‘smart money’ – people with vision, networks and experience, along with financial capacity, to help realize the success of individual ventures and the UVN vision. We are keenly interested in the value of global minds in shaping and fulfilling the UVN global opportunity.

The best fuel for global smart city ventures

is global smart money. 

Strategic investors have the option to focus on individual ventures or spread their interest across the UVN portfolio.

A distinctive UVN advantage is that individual smart city solutions, each delivering specific value to a specific audience, scale intensely in business value.  The obvious way is that a solution that works in one city is likely to work in 10,000 other cities, accelerating growth of a coherent, innovation-driven global marketplace.