• Global Promise - your solution is relevant to cities around the world

  • Smart Value - you solve an urban problem with an innovative data-driven solution

  • Market Model - you understand the stakeholder, user, and revenue dynamics of your solution

  • Launch Plan - you understand your technology, development and marketing requirements.

Join Our Global Network

The Urban Ventures Network is actively seeking to connect with people, solutions and cities committed to fulfilling the global smart city promise.  

If you are interested to become a Partner or Investor, please fill out the form below to arrange for an interview with our President.

If you are interested to be an international Solution Provider, or to incubate a Startup or Branch Operation in Vancouver, please submit a brief proposal to ventures@urbanvn.com describing your vision and capability, along with the nature and status of your solution.  Successful submissions will address the following criteria:

 To arrange for your private interview with our president please submit the following form: 
David Vogt
President & CEO
Urban Ventures Network Inc.,
#700 – 1112 Pender Street
Vancouver, BC, V6E 2S1