UVN was created to serve this community and marketplace. Our vision is a network of leading cities, exciting ventures, and global entrepreneurs. Our vision is ten thousand smart cities, made much smarter still and more prosperous for being linked together. Linked by the applications they individually create and collectively cultivate. Linked by data shared for global intelligence. Linked by the vision entrepreneurs and investors everywhere. Linked by Urban Ventures Network.

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Data is the emerging lifeblood of cities and civilization.

Seasoned world travelers see that cities are co-evolving more rapidly thanks to the multiple ways in which people everywhere are sharing ideas.  This will accelerate even faster as innovative organizations, entrepreneurs, and change-makers create new data-driven "smart city" applications to refine, revitalize, and reinvent the quality of life in their cities, and then these advancements are also shared and networked together.

Across the globe, thousands of distinct cities are coming into their own, like the striving residents of a planetary city. Their shared needs, diverse cultures, and intersecting ambitions define them as a community of communities, and as a marketplace.

UVN is proficient, lean, and focused on global markets.